Things to do in and around Dover

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Cycling & Walking

Few places in Britain offer better cycle and walking trails than the Dover area.



The Saxon Shore Way – runs right the way along the Kent coast, the most stunning section is from Dover to Deal, offering spectacular views of France as it winds along the top of the White Cliffs.  While being mostly walking on unpaved tracks, the route passes pubs, castles and tea houses along the way.







While cycling is possible on most sections of the Saxon Shore walkway, it is not officially allowed on some of the White Cliffs paths, but there are also many excellent cycle routes throughout the East Kent area.








For cycling details see:

A video from Kent County Council gives an impression of what it’s like.


Three of the best links golf courses in England are located in the Dover area, they may be a bit expensive for the average back-packers’ tastes, but there are plenty of public courses nearby if you fancy bashing some balls around.

Things to See:

Dover Castle –

Dover Beach –

Places to go:

All of the following make for great days out, and are within a short distance of Dover





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